Teen web cam chat like stickam

If the child continues to abuse the priviledge then just restrict them from using it or shut it down. I won't be putting up with my kid putting anything like that on the internet.

They're putting themselves at risk AND creating an image that they may not be able to be able to change.

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Rickard said he stumbled across the website called Stickam purely by chance, while researching how to do high-quality video streaming for business purposes. As a father, it scares the hell out of me." Stickam has some 10 million registered users — and most are under the age of 25. It is interactive and the things that happen are unbelievable." The "most watched" live videos are often teen girls, in their bedrooms, chatting and posing on webcam, while hundreds — sometimes thousands — of young men watch them online.

There is some of the worst profanity you can imagine," said Dan Rickard.

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Children are a vital part of the digital ecosystem and they deserve to participate.

There is a lot that children can benefit from–and indeed contribute to– in the world of digital connectedness.

Ok so I don't know if this has been covered before so if it has sorry, What are you opinions on the tweens and teenagers taking provocitive pictures and posting them on their social websites? my kids will not have a webcam on their computer and if they want to use one, I will need to be present in order for them to use it.

How do you feel about your tweens and teens having a webcam for their computer and sites like stickam.com, myyearbook.com, omegle.com, and even youtube for that matter... Unfortuntley, kids everywhere have cameras on their cell phones and send inapproperiate pictures via text now as well. If I was ever caught doing that, my mother would have my hind for lunch.

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