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7 reasons why so many women date bad men There’s a saying that says we should date a bad man at least once in our lives so that we can be thankful for a good one. But what about those women who always seem to go into a constant pattern of dating really awful men? In this list, we’d like to shine some light on the reasons behind those women’s decisions to choose the awful guys. There are some women who may seem successful and happy on the outside, but on the inside, they feel insecure and unsure of themselves.

What about those women who date the deadbeat loser? Low self-esteem issues are usually the root of the problem here.

But when it comes to love, all technology does is leave a wake of emotional destruction, disconnection, and false positives. An article on highlights how Tinder has signaled a “dating apocalypse” because it doesn’t promote actual “dating” — it promotes hookups based on physical appearance.

But what is particularly irritating about manspreading is that it is one of seemingly countless modern words to adopt the prefix "man-". Those three simple letters can turn almost any noun, verb or adjective into something rude, sexist, vulgar, pathetic, vain or childish, as the list below demonstrates.

As in, "You're not really sick, so stop sniffling and feeling sorry for yourself, and get back to work." Even though Harvard scientists published a study last year which showed that men react differently to the common cold than women, because their lower levels of oestrogen make it more likely they will succumb to pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.

Not every woman is lucky enough to get the ideal guy at the first try.

For those of us who have had our fair share of dating woes, we may look back on some times when we should have showed a little more prudence in choosing the men we date. But you may be wondering why there are some women, whether they’re your close friends or relatives, who always seem to keep themselves in the cycle of dating men who don’t seem to know how to treat a woman well.

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