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Furthermore, from the detailed chronologies given, we know that creation happened about 4,000 years before Christ.That was the orthodox view of the Christian church for 1,800 years.CMI Editors What is a Christian to make of radioactive dating?Isn’t the evidence for millions of years of earth history overwhelming?“For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” The span of their affection across the contentious divide of warring Montagues and Capulets has inspired hearts for centuries. And it's not very long into this consideration before Paul's words in 2 Corinthians arise, his memorable statement about “not being unequally yoked with unbelievers.” Indeed, this principle is part of Relationship Building 101: For “what partnership has light with darkness?And after the star-cross'd lovers met their fate, and their reconciled families cracked open a bottle of Chianti, we proceeded to relish the warmth and pain of other dramas: Jets and Sharks dancing on the West Side, to the frigid water of the sinking Titanic. ” Then someone responds: “Yeah, but what if one person in the couple is an evangelical and the other one is a Catholic, disagreeing on some things to be sure, but otherwise standing together on a common Nicene faith? Maybe it's because I have written on the topic of things Catholic and Protestant that I am frequently (if not constantly) asked for advice on this subject.This rich and tumultuous past greatly influences contemporary lifestyle, the Greek perspective on the world, Greek music, food, customs and traditions, even the way Greeks do business.Greeks as a whole are extremely proud of their history, their cultural heritage and their contribution to literature, art, philosophy and politics.

He’s currently collaborating with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Marriage and Family in developing an Orthodox marriage preparation program—a much needed project, I would say. I’d like to begin by asking a pretty basic and simple question, but maybe not so simple, we’ll see, and that is, you know, what are the factors that you have found, both in your research and in your work, that lead to marital harmony? Mamalakis: Well, marital harmony comes from embracing what I would call the true path of marriage.

The problem is that the Bible plainly says that the world was created by God in six days.

That is clear to anyone who reads it for the first time.

Contemporary Greek culture and traditions are very rich and diverse, reflecting Greece’s location at the crossing point where the West meets the East and the country’s great and turbulent history.

The culture of Greece has evolved over thousands of years - dating from the Paleolithic era and the birth of the great Minoan, (2600-1500 BC), Mycenaean (1500-1150 BC) and Cycladic civilizations through the Classical Period (6th - 4th centuries BC) - the Golden Age, reaching great levels of prosperity that resulted in an unprecedented cultural boom, expressed in architecture, drama, science and philosophy, and nurtured in Athens under a democratic environment, through the sequence of invasions and domination: by the Macedonians, the Romans, the Byzantine Empire and the 400 years of Ottoman rule.

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