Jewish dating services and club

However, I come with questions: What is everyone doing here?

Is this how young people in the Bay Area are meeting each other? And what about “marrying Jewish” — does that still feel relevant? In short, the answer to all that is: Yes, no and maybe.

Wise Miller investigated, and found that the man was nervous about prying or offending.

She gently suggested that he could pose weightier questions, and the dating continued.

And I can’t remember the last time I’ve donned a neon wristband.

Despite all this, here I am, sipping an expensive cocktail amid a sea of young Jews schmoozing around a dance floor.

Like most dating sites, users pay a fee and compose a profile.

The event I’ve just walked into is Jewbilee, proclaimed the “hottest monthly party for Jews in their 20s and 30s.” Jeremy Doochin, one of the organizers, has set his beer on the table between us so he can snap the glow stick around my wrist, turning it into a bracelet.

The database gives the matchmaker access to potentially thousands more singles than he or she could otherwise come to know.

When a match seems promising, the matchmaker releases profiles and pictures to both parties. Jennifer Wise Miller, a married social worker and volunteer matchmaker with JMontreal, requests a call after the first date. There was the woman, for example, who wondered why her date would ask nothing deeper than where she liked to shop.

Jewish singles in the San Diego, California, area have many resources available to them when it comes to connecting with other singles of their faith.

Dating services, parties, events and clubs in that area offer Jewish singles the opportunity to meet for friendship, romance, love and marriage.

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