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During the reporting period, authorities continued to provide comprehensive assistance to potential trafficking victims, though the government cared for victims in shelters with a mixed population, which put trafficking victims at risk for being re-victimized.

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Recommendations for Finland: Increase law enforcement efforts against trafficking; make greater use of the trafficking statute to investigate and prosecute cases; encourage officials to proactively identify potential sex and labor trafficking victims and refer them to services to which they are entitled under Finnish law; ensure victims of trafficking are offered appropriate housing and specialized care, taking into consideration the risks of secondary trauma inherent in mixed-use shelters; continue training investigators, police, border officials, prosecutors, labor inspectors, and judges on human trafficking and the rights of trafficking victims; provide training on victim identification and referral for health care and social services employees; continue to encourage victim participation in the criminal process; and fill the position of the national trafficking coordinator and provide sufficient resources to fulfill the position’s duties.

A single report, it adds, may include more than one sex crimes.

The number of all criminal offences reported to the authorities crept up moderately in 2016.

aggression or substance abuse) or internalising (e.g. In the study, women reported more psychological problems related to their body and sexuality than men.

Using data from 13,000 adult women and men in Finland, researchers at the Department of Psychology at Åbo Akademi University discovered that body- and sex-related symptoms are not expressions of internalising or externalising disorders, as was earlier believed.

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