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What really happens at this idyllic weight-loss retreat? As Amy and Mike search for the answers, they find themselves developing feelings that are unexpected but not unwelcome.

Fat Farm is a thrilling adventure through the Rocky Mountains that explores the possibility that a noble cause can justify a questionable means.

But in rural Mauritania you still see the rotund women that the country is famous for.

They walk slowly, dainty hands on the end of dimpled arms, pinching multicoloured swathes of fabric together to keep the biting sand from their faces. We do this three times a day - the morning, the afternoon and the evening." Punishment She said the girls could end up weighing between 60 to 100 kilograms, "with lots of layers of fat." Fatematou said that it was rare for a girl to refuse to eat, and that if they did, she was helped by the child's parents.

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A generation ago, over a third of women in the country were force-fed as children - Mauritania is one of the few African countries where, on average, girls receive more food than boys.

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When you shop for an airline ticket what do you do? Not all of them are fun, and not all of them will make you 0 in one go, but if you really need some money, there are plenty of ways to get it.

Take it from us firsthand, there are many perils for reporters assigned to cover the celebrity beat.

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