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It would be more accurate to say that approx 650 of each of these models were produced in ’60.

Our Buyer’s guide to vintage Fender amps explains in detail how you can date your amp by looking at serial numbers, tube charts, transformer codes, speaker codes, Fender logo, etc.

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You may compare these with your own speakers to determine what you have.Since several models can share one chassis type (for example, the early brown 5G7 Bandmaster, 5G5 Pro and 5G12 Concert), this kind of interpretation is inaccurate.Instead, there were approximately 2000 of these chasses produced, which then ended up as one of the three models in question. It features Dyna-Touch response plus DSP effects including reverb, delay, chorus, flange, tremolo, and more. On this site you'll find product information, technical specifications, and troubleshooting information.

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