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Raffael Kupa and his family left Albania during the political turmoil after the 1985 death of communist strongman Enver Hoxha. Our success is because of the quality of food, consistency, and also reasonable pricing. The pasta and the veal dishes are the most traditional that people love. There was a couple, they had been coming to the restaurant for five years straight. He says, "I chose this restaurant because I love the food and it has never failed me for five years. In Albania, for some reason, we have three types of cuisines. They settled first in Greece, returned to Albania as the nation began its transition to capitalism, and then moved to Italy, where they lived for five years until joining relatives in the United States. I grabbed it, and opened a restaurant in February 2016 called Buona Vita. In terms of business, how does a BYOB compare with restaurants that have liquor licenses? They came here one night, they dined, the guy proposed. I hope that my wife will continue to be same as the food over here," and everybody was clapping and laughing. Why do so many Albanians own Italian restaurants in Rittenhouse - counting the La Viola restaurants a block away, Bellini Grill, and the now-shuttered Branzino? We have a Mediterranean, then we have in some parts Greek, but, mostly, it's Italian.

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The case has been notorious in Albania, and a song titled 'Hang Dino' even made the country's music charts, according to Christodoulou's friends.

There was no fairness in the trial but we remain hopeful that the appeal can be a success.” Mr Wild said Christodoulou, who had already been held in an Albanian jail for two-and-a-half years, was being treated well in prison where he had been given the role of gardener.

Christodoulou was yesterday convicted of abusing four orphans, one aged just four, at the His Children Orphanage in the Albanian capital Tirana.

They believe their friend 'did not stand a chance'.

Rev Bernard Cocker, who runs the Much Hoole-based charity International Aid Trust, flew out to the court last month to speak on his friend’s behalf.

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